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General Questions

If there's an info for airport transfer you didn't find on the website.

General Questions

If there's an info for airport transfer you didn't find on the website.

How will I know my reservation?

Your transfer reservation request through our system, more than 3 minutes after the reservation process will be sent to your email address that you specified by our system. Your information regarding your transfer, 6 hours before SMS, email or phone is informed.

What should I do if I forget something in your vehicle?

We will deliverit, please contact support from mail, info@publictransfer.com

What are the booking cancellation or changing rules?

You may cancel or change your booking before 6 hours of your transfer. Except for compelling reasons, we don't refund if you want to cancel your booking less than 6 hours for the transfer.

Can I transfer with a wheelchair?

Yes. If you are traveling with a wheelchair please inform us when booking and please indicate whether your chair can be fold.

What luggage entitlement will I have?

Sacks, crates, tin cups , explosives , radioactive and flammable materials are prohibited. Each passenger have maximum size of one piece 50cm x 70cm and 30 kg luggage allowance. In order to change the vehicle type must be notified at time of booking of excess baggage information. Unreported stroller, sports equipments such as golf - ski and bicycles will not be accepted.

How do I make a booking on your website?

You can fill and send us the reservation form or you can send us a message via contact form or call by phone +44 020 863 8 70 69. Public Transfer Customer Service advisors will be in touch.

How do I pay for my transfer?

You can pay with your Credit Card (3D-Secure), debit card is not accepted or you can pay with bank transfer.

My arrival flight is delayed?

If your aircraft is delayed on landing at the airport, our driver will be present and waiting and you can be rest-assured that they will not leave you helpless.In this situation, if you don’t see our driver at the gate, please contact us 24/7 from our operation center number. (Our operation service number is also shown on the top right corner of our website.)

If I don’t see your driver at the airport at the arrival gate?

You can contact our 24/7 operation center number that is written on the bottom of the reservation form. (Our operation center number is also shown on the top right corner of our website.)

Which insurances do your transfer vehicles ?

In our vehicles, there are 4 insurance as stated below. - Car Insurance - Compulsory Motor Insurance - Liability Insurance required of road transport - Compulsory Road Passenger transport seat accident Insurance

Do you provide a free baby seat in the transfers?

Yes, we have up to 1 free baby seats, infant seat and booster for the transfer. You just need to make a note on your request or tell the reservation department on the phone.

How is our return transfer organised?

We give our driver a copy of your booking which has already been sent to you by us. You will then confirm the return details with the driver. Our driver will be at the address that you requested in the booking form 10 minutes prior and will let you know that they are ready for the transfer. (For pick-up at the hotels, due to check-out times, the driver will notify the reception area in the event that they are unable to reach you.)

Do you need help with your transfer?

Send us a message, or phone +44 020 863 8 70 69 between 09:00pm and 18:00pm Monday to Saturday.

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